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The Characters


With his parents both dead, M is now responsible for his six year old sister, Jessie. He makes plans for a normal life with Jessie while dealing with his resentful Aunt Janey and the babysitter she's hired for them, Ruby.

Jessie Cooper

M's six year old sister. Perceptive and sensitive, she is shy, often hiding behind her long blond hair. The tragic events that have whipsawed her life have made her more withdrawn and yet deepened her trust and love for her brother. It is with a quiet reticence that she begins to bond with their babysitter, Ruby Everheart.

Ruby Everheart

Former carnival worker, now turned fortune teller, she babysits to make extra money. Sometimes shadowy, sometimes cryptic, Ruby is always suspicious of those she doesnt know. Outwardly open to M and Jessie, it is the terrible secrets she keeps hidden from them that lead to the tragedy that is the Olive Park Murders.

Stan Wyld

In "Olive Park" Mallory Dimante says of Stan - "you look just like that Cape Fear guy, you know, Mitchum". Stan is the 23 year veteran of the Sacramento Police force and one of the two founders of the Ongoing Investigation Division, the group responsible for investigating cold cases. Like Mitchum, Stan is cooly taciturn, a man of few words but highly intuitive. He is 52 years old and, though he doesn't show it, is extremely jazzed to be running the OID. He believes it to be his last position on the force and he plans to make it a memorable legacy.

Jake Steiner

Twelve years junior to Stan, Jake helped found the OID and has the reserved yet focused energy of a younger detective. Always ready to jump into action, he feigns disinterest when in fact he is the keenest of observers; analyzing the people and situations around him. With piercing blue eyes and sandy hair he exudes a bad boy restlessness that women find attractive. He often obliges and rarely disappoints.

Mallory Dimante

A young woman driven to succeed in her one goal, the goal that powers the entire Olive Park investigation. Secretive and manipulative beyond her years, she is, nevertheless, vivacious and personable with a childlike enthusiasm for the investigation. She's cute, blond, with a good figure which she uses to her advantage, when she thinks about it. The events of Olive Park will change her forever in ways she can't imagine.

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