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Winner of Best Mystery of the 2012 Global E-book awards, Olive Park is a chilling mystery about a child-murderer on the rampage. In 1997, the bodies of three slain children were found in shallow graves in Olive Park, California; fifteen years later, the cold case is reopened, and the evidence reveals that the monster responsible for Olive Park has continued to kill, and threatens new victims even now. A devious and twisted contemporary novel, Olive Park is gripping and horrific, and will leave the reader with chills to the very end.

(Reviewed by Carl Logan for MBR, Jan 2013)

First off, I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting the author. Chatting with him was a huge highlight for me and his advice and writing success inspired me as a budding writer. When I began reading Olive Park, I was thrilled to see Mr. Booth's great personality join those of his characters on the pages!

Where do I begin with Olive Park? From the beginning, I loved the characters. The first chapter did a wonderful job of introducing M without being boring or giving too much away. The first chapter drew me into the story and right away, I recognized and appreciated the strong writing voice. When I'm reading, I'm really picky about three-dimensional characters, so it was wonderful reading about M, Mallory and Stan and I enjoyed the experience of getting to know them; they felt like real people.

The nonstop thrill of the story was a treat. I enjoyed the slow unfolding of the characters' back stories. The investigation felt realistic and the mystery was especially exciting because there were lives at stake. I absolutely recommend this book to everyone!

Coupeville Writer

I was in Barnes and Noble I was doing a hard boot on my nook and this man was playing aound with the nook display

he wanted to look up a book. he was there shopping with his wife. It ended up that the man was CJ Booth and he wanted to see how it looked on the nook. So I ordered the book and it was good he told me there will be 2 more releases both end with the "park" good read.


For a first time author, CJ Booth has a great writing style. He hit it out of the (Olive) park with this one. I couldn't put it down. Hope to see more from him soon!

Cory Yalowicki

Wow, a well paced story, great characters and high tension ending. I was drawn in from the first chapter and given a whole bunch of mysteries to figure out.

Perry Wilson

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